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40 pages black and white

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Excited to finally announce a project I’ve been working on with @spreadlovezine - “shallow pocket zine” is an all-girl ‘toonist anthology, edited by myself and with incredible comix from a ton of talented creators. Full color cover, black and white throughout. Thanks to everyone who contributed! 


Hannibal Gerald, Sophie Crumb, Mary Fleener, Molly Dweyer, J.Webster Sharp, Spacey Macy, Anna Readman, Carrie Q. Contrary, Slowghost, Cecilia Varhed, Graye, AMY, Bhad Comix, Kelly Campanile & Angela Guyton


Don't hesitate to write to us

No refund what you see is what you get!

If you place an order from Europe, it could take a month or two to receive your order.

Shallow Pocket Zine

  • Include comics and arts 

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